It's a brand new year and for companies like Netflix Canada, 2019 is bringing a lot of major changes. Change isn't always a bad thing when it means we get great new movies like all the Bring It On films and A Quiet Place. However, some major changes from the platform are rubbing people the wrong way. 

The first was the fact that Bob's Burgers vanished from the streaming service literally overnight. For many people, they were literally halfway through one of their seasons when they disappeared from the platform.

It's the same story with New Girl. Without warning, it seems like Netflix Canada just removed the show in the blink of an eye. This left a lot of people with the ultimate cliff-hanger and no way to find out what happened. Days later, Canadians are still livid about these show's departure.

On top of all that, towards the end of 2018, Netflix Canada announced that all their prices would be going up. The basic plan would rise to a monthly cost of $9.99, while the standard plan, which is the most popular one would increase to $13.99/month. While they didn't say when exactly the change would take place, one user received an email saying it would go into effect in February 2019. 

That's a lot of major changes on Netflix Canada's part for 2019 and the majority of them are not good. With some of the best shows leaving suddenly and prices going up a whopping $3 per month, people are starting to get really mad at the streaming service.

The Death Of Netflix

The changes are enough to even drive numerous people to cancel their Netflix subscriptions, which numerous people on Twitter have threatened to do in the past few days. 

Meanwhile, other people are wanting to cancel their subscriptions because of the lack of shows and selection on Netflix Canada. Especially when some shows have been available on the American version for a while. 

Of course, the price hike, which may seem small but is pretty massive if you think about in percentages, is another factor driving Canadians away. Some even decided to quit when it was first announced back in December. 

Finally, one Canadian user is so upset over the fact that Bob's Burgers was suddenly dropped without warning at midnight on New Years that they want to cancel 2019 altogether. 

Fortunately, if you are one of those people who are eager to dump Netflix Canada once and for all their cancellation system is pretty easy. On your account, you simply go to account settings, membership and billing, and then select "cancel membership. Once you hit "finish cancellation" you will be officially unsubscribed.

If you do choose to cancel, you will have the remainder of the current billing period to watch any shows or movies before your account is removed and you stop being charged. 

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