The world was absolutely heartbroken to learn that the historic Notre Dame Cathedral had gone up in flames earlier this week on Monday. Previously, the cause for the fire had not been revealed, and many were wondering what led to the unexpected blaze that burned for nine hours. A few days after the fire, we finally have our answer today on what caused the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Paris police officials revealed the reason for the fire today. Investigators believe that the devastating fire at the cathedral was most likely due to an electrical short-circuit, CTV News reports. 

Over 400 firefighters battled the nine-hour-long blaze. Previously, officials believed that the fire was an accident. Now that it's been a few days into the investigation, Paris investigators continue to think that the fire was not intentional.

However, they are not ruling anything out. "While the prosecutor's office does not rule out any hypothesis, we remind that at this stage, nothing in the investigations highlights a criminal origin. Accidental causes remain our privileged lead," the prosecutor's office told CNN. According to CTV News, the Paris prosecutor's office has also said that "all leads must be explored."

The investigation is still ongoing. Investigators are continuing to question cathedral workers and construction staff who were working on the building's renovations. So far, around 40 people have been questioned since the fire took place on Monday.

When the fire broke out, the Paris monument had been undergoing some renovations. The historic cathedral is 850-years-old and many parts of the building were seriously damaged as a result of the devastating fire. 

Following the incident, the French President announced that he would be launching an international fundraiser to rebuild the Notre Dame. $1 billion dollars has already been donated to the cause, with French billionaires pledging hundreds of millions.

However, the Better Business Bureau is currently recommending people not to donate to Notre Dame rebuilding fundraisers yet because of online scams.

The President of France has promised to rebuild the cathedral in less than five years and reopen it in time for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. However, experts have been saying his promise is rather impossible and believe that construction could take as long as 15 years.

Source: Christine Emond, Narcity Quebec

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