Canadians are closely related to many things like maple syrup, hockey, and snowy winters. Another thing many people around the world know about us is our love of Tim Horton's coffee. 

While the Canadian chain was bought out by Burger King in 2014, many of us have stayed true to Tim's. Now the brand is trying to expand into international markets, some places have been ripping off the company's popularity. 

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Via City News via The Canadian Press Handout

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Tim Hottens cafe and bake shop has popped up in Yamunanagar, India and is branded almost identically to the popular coffee franchise. While the branding may be incredibly similar, the actual shops themselves could not be more different. 

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The Tim Hotten's says that it's a cafe and bake shop, but really both the Facebook page and Instagram page show the interior has more of a nightclub feel. It looks incredibly weird when Canadians are used to seeing a display case full of doughnuts instead! 

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Honestly, it's kind of hilarious when you think about a Canadian Tim Hortons where customers are just drinking coffee, eating doughnuts and bagels, versus Tim Hottens in India just getting lit. 

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Not only is it a party place at night, but Tim Hottens is an actual sit down restaurant for those looking for a bite to eat. Waiters will serve you, unlike the fast-food style service we have in Canadian stores.

Jane Almeida, a spokesperson from Tim Hortons parent company, told CityNews that while "imitation is often the sincerest form of flattery, we do have very high standards when it comes to our brand, the quality of our products and the service we provide our guests. Therefore, we will be taking steps to protect our brand and trademarks, including closing down this imitation restaurant."

While these two brands may be different by only two letters their restaurants look totally different. It may be shady to rip off Tim Hortons, but Tim Hottens seriously looks like a good time. 

Source: CityNews Toronto 


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