Instead of starting off the season off with sunny crisp days, we're going to be getting our first taste of fall with some severe weather.

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While this week has been giving us a final blast of summer heat, the humidity is going to cause threat for severe thunderstorms over southwestern Ontario, according to The Weather Network. Heavy rain is expected through areas north of Toronto today and into tomorrow.

As the storm rolls into Friday, powerful winds are expected across Ontario and Quebec. Weather Network meteorologist, Erin Wenckstern reported that wind conditions will supply perfect conditions for rotating thunderstorms. Main threats from these types of conditions include wind gusts over 90 km/h, hail and possibly even a tornado.

Ontario will have a heightened risk of supercell thunderstorms which are capable of producing brief tornados. There will also be powerful winds circling the storm raising the risk fo damaging wind gusts.

By Friday afternoon, southern Ontario is expected to be bright and sunny again. Temperatures might even get up to the 30's in some southern regions. The Weather Network is even calling for possible record-breaking September heat.

Don't get too excited, because another line of thunderstorms is expected to make it's way into southern Ontario by the mid-afternoon to early-evening with gusts possibly exceeding 60-100 km/h.

The Weather Network is calling these storms "discrete and hit or miss in nature". However, reminds us we should always stay alert and watch for warning being issued in the region.

Source: The Weather Network

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