Ontario and Manitoba could be seeing strong storm activity on Wednesday, according to a new forecast by The Weather Channel.

The areas affected most include southern Manitoba and southwestern Ontario, with storms occurring any time within the next couple of days and through to the following weeks in October. As a front moves into central Canada, residents can expect some showers and thunderstorms, with a chance of a severe storm watch

via @expatlife.toronto

Environment Canada already issued a severe thunderstorm watch for southern Manitoba on Tuesday, with a low pressure system expected to bring anywhere from 30 to 50 mm of rain in the region. The intense weather was predicted to begin in the afternoon across the Westman area and gradually move to the Red River Valley area.

"In the east end, a front will move from western Quebec and southeast Ontario into eastern Quebec on Monday and Tuesday with scattered showers and thunderstorms," says The Weather Channel. "Temperatures are set to be above average."

Showers and storms are expected to move through Quebec, Labrador and the Maritimes later this week.

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