Ontario Has Been Hit By Severe Ice Storm Causing Power Outages And Car Crashes

Stay home!

As we previously reported, Environment Canada released an alert early this morning, warning residents of Southern Ontario that a "potentially historic ice storm" is set to hit tonight.

The ice storm will contain huge gusts of wind up to 85 km/h, freezing rain, flooding, fallen debris and slippery roads. 

The severe storm has arrived. According to CTV News, by early afternoon around 8000 people were left without power. Universities including Ryerson, Waterloo, McMaster and Wilfrid Laurier are delaying weekend exams due to weather.

Residents are documenting the conditions in their area to warn others against driving in the storm. Officials are suggesting you stay indoors until the storm is over.

Stay safe if you are in an area that is affected by the Ontario storm. 

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