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Ontario Windstorm Leaves Thousands Without Power And Two People Have Died

200,000 homes were left without power on Friday.

If the snow storm last month wasn't enough, now Ontario is facing a deadly windstorm. High winds, thunder and even hail have bombarded Ontario and left at least two people dead and thousands without power on Friday.

A man in Milton, Ontario died after he was struck by a falling tree. Another man was also hit by the fallen tree and was taken to a close by hospital with severe injuries. Both men worked for a tree service company and the incident is currently being investigated.

Another man in Hamilton, Ontario also died after trying to move a downed electrical wire from a roadway.

Environment Canada issued wind warnings across Ontario. They are warning citizens that some wind gusts are measuring up to 110 KM per hour.

Over 200,000 homes were without power on Friday. In other areas of the city, the wind snapped telephone poles, leaving wires dangling near roadways. Police are reminding citizens to act as if any wires are live wires and not to approach them. Stay a safe distance away from any fallen wires.

Source: CTV News

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