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Open Air Movies In Hot Tubs Are Coming To These Four Canadian Cities

Hot Tub Party!!!

No matter where in Canada you live, Winter is slowly reaching its peak. That means that regardless of temperature, it's gonna be pretty darn cold no matter where you go. A hot tub sounds pretty good right about now, am I right? How about how about a hot tub and a movie? Snacks and boozy beverages included. 

But hang on, we're not talking about finding a friend (or making one) who has a hot tub in their backyard and staring at a tiny laptop screen. And no passing around a half-empty bag of Doritos either (although we don't judge). We're talking, at least five different hot tubs in one room - hell, maybe ten. And a big screen, think movie theatre screen. 

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The Hot Tub Cinema Club is just what you need. Just as it sounds, the cinema club is brand new cinema experience that lets you enjoy classic movies with your friends in the warm and toasty comfort of a hot tub. They've been hitting numerous locations in Australia and New Zealand and they're expanding to North America - hitting both the United States and Canada. 

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The club will hit four major Canadian cities: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal, though exact locations are yet to be confirmed. The movies will take place on six different nights through May and tickets are expected to run $20 per person - which is a pretty sweet price considering what you're getting. 

Exact dates, locations, and tickets will be released through the website. Only a certain number of tickets will be made available for the entire event, so we recommend signing up for their email notifications - they'll let you know when pre-release tickets are available, so you don't miss you on the action. 

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