UFOs are the usually just the stuff of science fiction movies but some people, of course, are completely convinced that they’ve actually seen one.

There’s actually a group called Ufology Research based in Manitoba that does a survey each year to determine how many sightings happen in Canada each year.

And they’ve just released their report for the year, as well as where people are reporting them the most. 

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This year’s report says that there were just over 1,100 reports of UFOs in Canada last year, which averages out to about 3 each day.

Now of course just because they’re reported doesn’t mean they actually are aliens, only about 8 per cent of those sightings are deemed “unexplained.” 

But if you are hoping to see some sort of unidentified flying object the top city in Canada is Montreal, with a total of 74 reports last year. 

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That’s followed by Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Hamilton to round out the top 5.

The province with the most reports of UFO activity is Quebec, with 518 reports in total.

That’s followed by Ontario and British Columbia. 

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And if you think this is just people making stuff up apparently for each sighting there was an average of at least 2 witnesses to the event.

People who reported UFOs also said that the incidents lasted about 15 minutes on average. 

And the sightings came in all sorts of strange shapes, some people said they say boomerangs shaped objects, while others reported some shaped as cones and cigars.  

Canada has a bit of a history with UFO sightings, earlier this year the Canadian Mint put out a collectors coin based on one famous sighting in Manitoba.   

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But if you’re looking up at the night sky in the hopes of seeing something strange your best bet is Montreal it seems. 


Source: 680 News

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