Eight Guyanese firemen have reportedly been caught with stolen items from passengers' bags on the Fly Jamaica plane that crash-landed last week. The firefighters were called to rescue passengers and crew members from the plane, which encountered technical problems just after departing for Toronto last Friday.

According to City News, the firemen stole "cash and gadgets" which belonged to the passengers and crew members on board. 

Local news outlets report that one of the firemen admitted to police that he took one of the missing items, which has since been returned. All seven of the other firefighters that allegedly stole the items have been identified and arrested. 

The Fly Jamaica plane, a Boeing 757-200 aircraft, reportedly experienced hydraulic problems less than an hour into the flight. The pilot immediately declared an emergency and turned the plane back around to Cheddi Jagan International Airport in Guyana, where it crashed upon landing. 

All passengers on board, including 82 Canadians and two infants, are safe. Only six people have sustained minor injuries.

Source: City News

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