It's no secret that the merging of PC and Shopper Optimum points has definitely not been as smooth of a transition as Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart would have hoped. With not only one round of point theft but now a second, Loblaws has finally come forward to help customers understand exactly why this keeps happening, and how they can prevent it. 

It all started earlier in the year when point holders were subject to theft that for some resulted in a loss of hundreds of thousands of member points. One Kitchener man named William Grobe lost a total of 250,000 points and wasn't hit by just one round of theft, but also the second. 

Since the second instance, Loblaws has come forward and admitted that it had to do with a glitch in their program's system. The glitch made it so that the thieves were actually able to still stay on their victim's accounts even after they had changed their passwords in light of the first round of thefts. 

Via PC Optimum

While Loblaws claims only a "very small number" of their nine million members were affected by the second round, they remind members to reset their passwords and change them if they are not "strong and unique."

As of now their system has been updated and it's claimed that the previous incident regarding the glitch won't happen again, but it may be safe to remember exactly how many points you've got in case a third round arrives. 

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