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People Across Ontario Complained To The Police About Yesterday's Amber Alert And Here's What They Had To Say

"Congrats, you've trained me to ignore Emergency Alerts."

At around 11:30 am yesterday, cellphones across Ontario received an Amber Alert about a missing 8-year-old boy named Gabriel McCallum. Two alerts were sent out, with a brief description and an urgent call to action. Thankfully, the boy was found safe just two hours later, and a final message was sent out to notify the public that the alert was cancelled.

But, the alert was met with mixed reactions. The Ontario Provincial Police received several complaints after the Amber Alert was sent out. One person was annoyed that all three notifications came in loudly, even though their iPhone was in "do not disturb" mode.

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"If someone was easily startled that could now cause distracted driving," they said. Others complained about the inability to mute or opt out of the alerts.

"Is there a way to mute these emergency alerts that Ontario has started?" Asks a Twitter user, "I just had 3 alarms blazing in the span of an hour about an amber alert in Thunder Bay... 14 HOURS from where I live.... wth am I getting these alerts for?"

The Ontario Police spokesperson responded with, "People need to remember that it's a quick alert that could save a child's life." The CRTC says that there's no way to opt out of the alerts, "given the importance of warning Canadians of imminent threats to their safety."

Overall, most people claim that they felt "misled" by the emergency alert, arguing that the three notifications in a row about the missing boy wasn't a "valid" use of the new system. "Congrats, you've trained me to ignore Emergency Alerts," one user tweeted. 

The controversy also sparked plenty of counterarguments. Canadians took to Twitter to express their shock and frustration at people's insensitivity. "I CANNOT believe all the complaining im hearing about people getting the amber alert notice today in Ontario," one user says, "What if it was one of your loved ones in danger?"

Source: The Star

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