This morning a mass shooting occurred in Fredericton New Brunswick leaving at least 4 people dead according to police.

It set off a massive police manhunt for who was responsible for the incident.

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Police in Fredericton have just announced on Twitter that they have apprehended a suspect in the shooting and currently have the individual in their custody. 

Police have not said how old, or what gender the suspect is. 

The investigation is still ongoing according to police, who have contained the area.  

Police are still telling people in the area to stay inside and not to leave their house unless police say it is ok.  

The suspect was arrested about 2 hours after the incident started when people in the area heard multiple gunshots.  

Police have not said what kind of weapon(s) the suspect used in the incident. 

Police are also asking people not to post any information on social media about any police tactics they see so that anyone they are still looking for cannot learn the whereabouts of police. 

Prime minister Justin Trudeau has sent out a tweet commenting on the situation saying, "my heart goes out to everyone affected by this morning’s shooting." 

The investigation is still ongoing but police now say that 2 of the dead are Fredericton Police officers. 

The names of the victims will not be released at this time say police.  

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