Police Reports Now Show Somebody Had Questioned Bruce McArthur Years Before He Was Arrested

The details continue to come out...

The story of Bruce McArthur has been a long and gruelling one, especially considering yet another body was found, bringing the body count total up to seven. Unfortunately, the latest news following the discovery of a new body doesn't brighten the situation remotely, if anything it'll leave a pit in your stomach.

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It turns out that McArthur had been interviewed by police in the past and was released a few years before his eventual arrest this year. The Toronto Star reporting that McArthur had been brought into police custody for questioning, claiming it happened in 2014 while the Globe and Mail says it happened in 2013.

While the police have been investigating the disappearances in the gay village in 2012, it's unclear if McArthur was brought in for questioning regarding that matter or something else. Their investigation, in general, has been under scrutiny by the public and residents of the gay village claiming they didn't treat the disappearances as seriously as they should have.

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Regardless of the year or instance, it's evident that he was on the police's radar years before events began to unfold and led to his arrest in January. He now faces six charges of first-degree murder after targetting men who had been disappearing from the Toronto gay village since 2012.

Source: City News Toronto

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