Shortly after 11:30 PM yesterday an Amber Alert was issued for 11-year-old, Riya Rajkumar. Unfortunately, the girl was found dead by Peel Police, but to make matters worse, police have been inundated with complaints from Canadians who received the alert last night. Now Justin Trudeau has responded to last night's amber alert situation. 

Peel Police and other forces in Ontario have revealed that after the alert was sent in, people actually started calling 911 to complain that the alerts woke them up or scared them. The alert was sent out using Canada's new notification system which sends a sound and screen notification to people's phones. 

Peel police responded to the controversy earlier this morning saying that it is was only because of the amber alert that they were able to find the girl and her father, who has been charged with her murder. Then this afternoon York Regional Police responded saying they also had several 911 calls regarding amber alert complaints and reminding people that 911 is only for emergency situations. 

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Now the latest person to weigh in on the amber alert controversy is Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In a statement on Twitter, Trudeau says that amber alerts are a critical part of ensuring the safety of children. 

He also expressed condolences for anyone mourning 11-year-old Riya today. 

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Canadians agree with him too, expressing their condolences as well as their support for his position on this. 

Roopesh Rajkumar, 41, has been charged with the murder of his daughter Riya Rajkumar. He didn't have full custody of the girl but had arranged to take her out for her birthday. Her mother contacted police after Riya wasn't returned home by an agreed time. 

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