The royal wedding is scheduled for just over a week from now and it seems that just about everyone is catching royal wedding fever. 

That includes the Royal Canadian Mint, who today announced that they will be releasing a collectible coin in honour of the couples big day. 

And it looks simply amazing.  

Via Royal Canadian Mint

As you can see in the photo the coin features the soon to be married couple’s faces.

The coin also has 3 Swarovski crystals embedded in it!  

Via Royal Canadian Mint

These are meant to symbolize the diamonds in Meghan Markle’s fantastic looking engagement ring.  

Along the edge of the coin is a border of roses, for the wedding obviously, but also maple leaves. Which couldn’t get much more Canadian than that, could it? 

There are also some escallop shells in the border as well, meant to represent Prince Harry’s official coat of arms.   

Via Royal Canadian Mint

According to the Royal Mint’s website the coin is made out of 99.99% pure silver. 

If you really wanted to spend the coin it has a face value of $20. 

If you'd like to see a full 360 degree view of what the coin looks like you can do so at by watching the video the Mint put out about it below.  

Only 15,000 of these coins will be made so if you want one you’d better order it today, which you can do here.

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