24-year-old millionaire and Canadian tennis player, Eugenie Bouchard is just like us! She wants to get the hell out of dodge when our brutal Canadian winter hits.

To do so, the famous tennis star has decided to become a resident of paradise itself, the Bahamas. Now, that's something most of us could only dream of. Politicians in Quebec on the other hand? Well, they think it’s downright “deplorable”.

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As reported by The National Post, Bouchard has become the shaming target of François Legault, the man who is expected to be her home province of Quebec’s next premier. When asked about what he thought of Bouchard moving countries he made it clear to reporters that he was not for it, “I think we should live where we were born, where we learned to play tennis and pay taxes in our country,” he said.

The Bahamas are infamously considered a tax haven. The country does not charge its resident's income tax or corporate tax.

Left-wing Quebec politician, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois also weighed in on the news without directly naming Bouchard, “It’s deplorable that people take advantage of tax havens. We must remember that if people are able to do so it’s because complacent governments have put in place loose laws that allow rich individuals to easily transfer their funds to tax havens.”

Is she moving to reap these financial benefits? Or, does she simply want to soak up the island sun? No one knows but Eugenie. However, Canadians who have weighed in on Twitter all seem to agree on one thing, it’s really no one's business but hers.

Some are calling the shaming “ridiculous”. Twitter user, @Lenahru even hilariously referring to Quebec as “the control freak of the family”.

Professor of corporate governance at York University, Richard LeBlanc also defended Bouchard’s decision when he spoke to The National Post. “People have mobility rights. I would be surprised if it’s primarily tax-driven.” He also noted that athletes will often relocate to different climates for training and that she may just want to be out of the spotlight.

Cheers, ‘Genie! Have a beachside cocktail for us while we're up here freezing our butts off this winter.

Source: The National Post 

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