Video footage was just released of G-Eazy getting taken away by cops outside a club in Sweden on Wednesday night. G-Eazy was partying after his performance at the club with his girlfriend Halsey and rapper Sean Kingston when things took a dark turn.

According to various media outlets, the whole thing started when a fan began taking photos of G-Eazy without his permission, after he'd already told the fan that he didn't want to take photos. That triggered G-Eazy to approach the fan and start attacking him, which immediately turned into a massive fight.

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Security got involved and told G-Eazy to calm down, but he started throwing punches. He hit one guard in the face several times. Halsey also got caught in the brawl, and in one clip she can be heard screaming that she was hit in the face.

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Things got even worse when the cops arrived and allegedly discovered cocaine in G-Eazy's pocket. They arrested him and took him into custody for suspicion of assault, possession of narcotics and use of narcotics. 

G-Eazy is set to appear before a judge at some point today and will remain in police custody until then. There's no word yet on how his arrest will affect the rest of his European tour, but more details should be revealed shortly.

Source: TMZ

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