If you want to start a career in policing, now's your chance. The RCMP Is hiring new officers without previous experience. In today's job market it's hard to find entry-level positions that don't require any previous experience, so this job is definitely a blessing. That being said there are a lot of eligibility requirements you'd have to meet. 

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The first requirement is that you have to be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident living in the country for the past 10 years. On top of that, you also have to be at least 19 years old. You also have to have a high school diploma and a valid, unrestricted driver's license. Finally, you have to be proficient in either English or French. Those are the most basic requirements but there are others related to your physical abilities, skills, and also your mental state. 

For example, you must pass all the RCMP hearing and vision tests, meet the level of physical ability required and also pass all their physical and psychological health tests. The RCMP also requires that you are mentally prepared for the job. This means you must be willing to relocate anywhere in Canada, be willing to carry a firearm and use physical force when necessary and be willing to work shift work. 

Aside from those main requirements, the RCMP also has some strict policies on criminal records and past illegal activities. They even state that you must not have participated in any past crimes, even if you were never charged or arrested. All this will be tested with a polygraph exam. 

This requirement may seem intense, but it's related to the RCMP's behaviour standards for officers. They also look at each person on a case by case basis, so if you do have some past issues, that doesn't rule you out completely. 

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If you meet all of those requirements and successfully apply to the RCMP, you will then have to go through 26 weeks of training, but the good news is this training is completely paid for. Not only will you get $525/week but you will be able to save every cent of that because your uniforms, room and board, and transportation to and from the training spot will all be paid for by the RCMP. 

Then once you are done training and officially hired as an RCMP constable, your starting salary will be pretty sweet. The annual salary starts at $53,144 and will go up to $69,049 after six months, eventually reaching $86,110 after 36 months. The RCMP also provides benefits for you and your family and 15 vacations days a year in your first five years. 

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If you are wanting to apply to the RCMP, be prepared for a long and intense recruitment and application process. The entire six-step application process is laid out on their website and if you're interested, you can apply here

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