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Red 'Love Letter' Mailboxes Are Popping Up All Over This Canadian City

Love is in the air!

Remember those hand written Valentines Day cards everyone used to hand out as kids? You'd go to the store with your mom, pick out your favourite pack, and write down a message for everyone in your class.

Well, when was the last time you saw anyone do that?

My guess is primary school, because that's pretty much the last time I hand wrote anything. In a time of smartphones and emojis, the last thing we do is write each other real love letters, so you'll be glad to know that one woman is trying to change that. 

A Saskatoon artist is trying to recreate that warm, fuzzy feeling by installing red 'love letter' mailboxes across the city. All across downtown, red mailboxes have popped up on sidewalks. They’re the work of Monique Martin, who wants to collect as many love letters as she can before Valentine’s Day. 

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Martin plans to create original artwork on the envelopes before sending them off to their recipients. “It’s a type of reverence. It’s a real gift,” she told CTV News.

The idea was inspired from a trip to Paris, where Martin stumbled upon a series of love letters between a couple from the 1940s in a stamp shop. 

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“So I have their whole story all the way to where their daughter is born. And I think that’s really special. They started out very formal and then became very romantic and close and had all these collective memories that are captured on paper,” she said.

The project is part of a larger exhibit which will be featured at the Saskatchewan Craft Council this spring. 

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