Tensions are building in Quebec as political leaders fly in from around the world for the G7 Summit, which begins today. Riots are breaking out in Quebec City, and in the quiet town of La Malbaie where the summit is taking place.

Shops are boarded up, residents hide at home, and streets are shut down to accommodate the swarms of angry protestors. Riot police with gas masks and batons are out to keep the riots contained. But, the angry demonstrations continue.

As expected, the entire situation looks like something out of a post-apocalyptic movie. In one video from last night, riot police stand in a tight formation with their masks up, preparing for protests to get extremely violent.

Protestors are gathering in the streets to set off fireworks and burn the flags of all the participating countries. Police arrested a few protestors last night, and more arrests are expected to be made until the summit wraps up. 

Some rioters wearing black masks are causing concern after they were seen harassing journalists and taunting police. 

Oxfam Quebec, a global aid organization, is getting serious media attention for their gigantic caricature masks of all the political leaders attending the summit, including Trump, Justin Trudeau, Theresa May, and several more.

Trump is expected to receive a very hostile welcome from Canadians when he arrives, after lashing out at Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron on Twitter yesterday. He'll be landing in Quebec in less than an hour, and will arrive at his hotel in Charlevoix at just after 11 AM EST.

Police in Quebec are preparing for riots to escalate ahead of Trump's arrival. The entire province is bracing itself for several million dollar's worth of damage to city buildings, storefronts and property. 

As for travel warnings, the recomendation from the US Consolate in Canada is advising Americans to avoid deminstration areas, exercise caution if unexpectedly in the vicinity of large gatherings or protests, monitor local media for updates and keep a low profile. 

Via usembassy

Via usembassy

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