Rogers Telecom is currently undergoing public scrutiny and criticism after multiple employees have come forward regarding sales targets that have prompted unethical and extreme selling tactics. 

Through a number of emails and interviews, employees have reported that there's a black-and-white line to either "hit sales targets or risk termination". The individuals spoken to explain that they're pressured by the company to make sales on every single call. That includes selling to customer who may not even need a certain product, or to elderly people who don't necessarily understand what they're being sold. 

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An anonymous employee explains that a required "list" of sales for customers include: cable, a home phone, home security, and a credit card. Whenever something is missing, the attempt to make the sale must be made. Even when the employees take a sick day, their sales targets remain the same - forcing them to work from home. 

The same employee also admitted to providing internet service to individuals who didn't own a computer, as well as not telling customers about some hefty installation fees (including TV and internet installation, internet activation and cell phone activation). He added that while it feels horrible and unethical, there's an astounding amount of pressure on you when your job and family is on the line. 

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The worst part? It's alleged that some managers are aware of all this, turning a blind eye to the practices being used. Managers are under a lot of sales pressure as well, which could be the reason some allow the practice to happen or are willfully ignorant to it. 

The pressure given to sales reps is preventing them from giving actual customer service. Employees have been told to "drop" calls when there's the potential for a customer to cancel their service. This explains why most customers end up calling more than several times to receive actual service. 

So far, Rogers Telecom has stated that they "do not believe the concerns raised represent [their] values or sales practices" and that they will be working diligently to respond to the concerns. While that may be true, it's hard to deny the claims of numerous employees and an experience that too many of us can relate to. 

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