Scientists from Ottawa University may have found the cure for the deadliest form of breast cancer.

Researchers hunting for the cure have found a virus to help kill off tumours. Through the combination of immunotherapy and a virus, the breakthrough study has discovered a potential treatment for the aggressive disease, which has already had a 90% success rate in mice.

The trial, led by Ottawa University scientists, treats something called triple negative breast cancer – which is considered the gravest form of cancer. The discovery was made after a separate study found aggressive brain tumours could be cured by an injection of a virus, and subsequently found that the immunotherapies were much more powerful when used in combination than alone.

Via pixabay

While survival depends on how early cancer is diagnosed, UofO's scientists do believe that their new findings will lead to a potential cure.

Speaking on the amazing discovery to the Ottawa Citizen, lead author of the study, Dr Marie-Claude Bourgeois-Daigneault, said: "It was absolutely amazing to see that we could cure cancer in most of our mice, even in models that are normally very resistant to immunotherapy. We believe that the same mechanisms are at work in human cancers, but further research is needed to test this kind of therapy in humans."

The study was published Wednesday in Science Translational Medicine, a journal devoted to research that advances the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. Go Canada!

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