Makeup lovers everywhere were shocked recently when a massive Sephora promotion circulated on social media yesterday. The deal was that if you spent $100 you would get $88 dollars off, which is a huge discount by anyone's standard's but especially at Sephora where massive discounts like this are rare.  Unfortunately, those customers have changed from shock to outrage as it was revealed that Sephora's massive 88off promo was a glitch

The company confirmed on Twitter that the promotion was never a valid promotion they offer since it wasn't shared on any of their channels. Despite this, when people actually used the promo code "88off" on the site yesterday it actually worked meaning there must have been some sort of glitch in Sephora's website. This is where the outrage comes in. 

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Since Sephora confirmed that the promo is not valid they actually began cancelling people's orders and they also previously have said on Twitter that they will not be honouring the promo even though it was some sort of glitch in their system where the code actually worked. 

Now Canadian customers who thought they were getting an amazing deal on makeup are realizing that it was all too good to be true and they are mad. 

People who are loyal customers are pretty much begging Sephora to honour the deal now since they spend so much money there all the time. 

This is especially true for  Sephora VIB members who are especially mad after giving so much to the store. 

Of course, some people are also vowing to never shop at Sephora again. 

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If you placed an order with the "88off" code at Sephora yesterday you may want to double-check the status of the order because chances are it's unfortunately now been cancelled. Sephora is now apologizing to customers via email and on Twitter, for any inconvenience, this has caused. 

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