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Several OCS Customers Have Found Mold On Their Weed And Are Warning Ontarians To Check Their Orders

OCS is advising customers to check their orders.

While cannabis legalization across Canada united the country in celebration, there was one province that felt a little left out as a result of provincial rules, that province being none other than Ontario. Thanks to the Ontario Cannabis Store's monopoly over legal marijuana orders in the province, nobody could actually experience smoking legal weed until their order came in the mail. 

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In the weeks following legalization, the OCS has been riddled with issues from long wait times for shipments as a result of the Canada Post strike to low stock and hiked prices. It's clear Ontarians have had a rough go with legal weed. Unfortunately, yet another issue has arisen from the OCS and this one is especially concerning. 

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A user named N1shh took to Reddit yesterday to share that he found mold on a bud of legal weed he had ordered from the OCS. He identified the cannabis in question as "Redecan BEC lot #4B2L3." 

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Unfortunately, it seems this isn't an isolated incident. The user claimed in his comment that he hadn't even thought to check his weed until he saw other people complaining that they had found mold in their own product:

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Other Reddit users were quick to react considering that this is yet another problem to add to the long roster of issues that the OCS has had since opening for business in October. If the Redditor's allegations are proven true, customers have now gone through extreme wait times only to receive a faulty and potentially dangerous product. 

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After the user contacted OCS, they also learned that the company has been dealing with several issues regarding moldy weed. As a result, the OCS is asking customers to inquire and send back their orders to be examined and refunded: 

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Other users whose orders came from the same batch claim they haven't found any mold on theirs, which means that not every order was affected. But if you do have an order from the same batch, it's best to be cautious. 

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Ultimately, the best thing to do in this situation if you are waiting on an order or have your OCS cannabis already would be to check for mold. If you do find mold in your order, your best option is to contact the OCS as well as the Government of Canada through their report system on faulty products by clicking here.


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