From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, shoppers across the globe unite for the weekend to find the best deals they can from their favourite clothing stores. While the holiday used to be an American exclusive, it's clear the Black Friday craze has extended to Canada and even the UK. 

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Though when it comes to scoping around for deals, the last thing that's on a shopper's mind is that the store you're buying from could be deceiving you with their Black Friday discounts. Unfortunately, several online clothing companies have recently been caught in the act and shoppers are not impressed. 

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It all started when one shopper in the UK was browsing popular online clothing store, Pretty Little Thing. She noticed that prior to the Black Friday sale, one of their coats was priced at £50, about $84 CAD. But when Black Friday came, the site claimed the jacket had initially been priced at £60 and was now on sale for £54.

Unfortunately, it seems Pretty Little Thing isn't the only culprit as other shoppers quickly realized, showing examples ranging from popular online stores such as Missguided and BooHooo to other well-known sites: 

As of now, Pretty Little Thing is the only company who has publicly addressed the controversy and claimed it was a result of their "pricing fluctuations:"

One customer was quick to correct the brand, pointing out that it's actually illegal to change up prices that close to setting a sale price, to which Pretty Little Thing never responded back to.

While everything went down in the UK, Missguided, BooHoo, PrettyLittleThing and Oh Polly all have the same pricing for Canadian customers, the only difference is the conversion.

Meaning that while you are shopping today and racking up deals for Cyber Monday, you may want to consider that the deals you are scoring aren't as great as they seem. It also may be worthwhile to do your homework the day before a big sale weekend such as Black Friday next year to make sure the deals are legit. 

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