Flights are expensive. It feels like just going on a well needed vacation from work these days costs an arm and a leg. 

So if you were one of the people with an Aeroplan points card who was annoyed that Esso was ending its relationship with the loyalty program starting this summer, then fear not. You now have a replacement where you can rack up points. 

And the best part is that you won't even have to leave your house or put on pants in order to do it. will start to accept Areoplan next month on April 24.   

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Members who visit Amazon though Aeroplans official website will be able to collect 1 mile for ever dollar they spend. 

Aeroplan members with a black or silver status will be eligible to get twice that and if you have a diamond status you could earn up to triple the standard number of miles for your purchases.   

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Sweet deal right? 

If you have an credit card with an Aeroplan affiliation and buy something off Amazon you will earn twice the miles you normally do.  Which means you could find yourself on vacation much sooner. 

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So if you love Amazon (and who doesn't) and have Areoplan you may want to start thinking about your next vacation. 

Source: CTV

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