Between conspiracy theory videos and Netflix shows featuring hosts who are convinced aliens are real, it's clear that the phenomenon around aliens is back and stronger than ever. While we may not know if aliens and UFO's are actually legit, you may not have also known that the country of Canada was pretty invested in getting to the bottom of the whole situation. 

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Thanks to  Chris Rutkowski, national archives were uncovered from 1967, and now Canadians can now check out a ton of government documents that tracked UFO sightings and took them pretty seriously. The documents themselves included break downs on cases revolving around UFO sightings and some of them are actually pretty spooky. 

Via uforum

For example, there was a man who was apparently burned by a UFO over in Manitoba, then another instance in Nova Scotia where an RCMP officer claims he saw a UFO fly from the sky into the water and then disappearing and finally a crop circle that was investigated by the government over in Alberta. 

The documents even included a categorization of UFO sightings ranging from hoaxes, mass hysteria and misinterpretations of natural events but the final category being "unusual sightings which the viewer is unable to identify or explain, namely, UFO's" is sure to send a chill down your spine. 

Via uforum

So it's clear the Canadian government was definitely not screwing around when it came to UFO's and aliens, but we can't decide if that's a good thing or bad thing just yet. If you want to see more about the archives you can click here, but be warned it's pretty eerie stuff! 

Source: VICE News 

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