Opening your door to find an Amazon box is probably one of the few things we can all agree is one of the small joys in life. Though this story will definitely have you questioning what is in your package the next time you order something from the online store. Seeing as it's already boggling the minds of not only Canadian university students, but Amazon Canada too. 

It all started when students started reporting that they were receiving very random purchases from Amazon that they hadn't bought themselves. Ranging from cameras, record players, dog toys, a red cape and even sex toys. What made it even more odd was that they came from an anonymous sender. 

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Naturally, a lot of students became spooked. Why would somebody be sending students these random items? Even Amazon Canada has become involved in the investigation that has been opened by the RCMP in efforts to figure out what's going on. Uncovering that 35 unsolicited packages were sent from Amazon and received by students from varying universities such as Dalhousie, Ryerson, the University of Manitoba, Royal Roads and Lakehead University. 

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While Amazon Canada has said that such activity violates their rules and they promptly remove sellers who do so, they didn't start speaking up until well after students went to the RCMP after being ignored. One student, Farhan Yousaf from Lakehead University claims the biggest concern is that what lies in future packages "might be something harmful." 

Though while one would reach a more sinister conclusion to the mysterious packages, the RCMP claims their investigation has resulted in finding a distributor in China who was sending the packages "as a marketing tactic." It's definitely a weird way to get your products out there, considering they didn't think to include a note that the products were a gift. Then again, the same company has been looked at for fudging their numbers when it comes to product sales. 

So if you are a Canadian student, you may want to keep your eyes peeled for any future "marketing tactic" packages that come to your door. It may not end up being another random impulse purchase you made and forgot about, it could be something much more surprising! 

Source: CBC

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