In this day in age we shouldn't really be surprised by anything we see on the internet anymore, but none the less Reddit has not failed to shock us once again. 

One post particularly caught our attention. Someone in Ottawa is looking for someone, preferrably a female, to eat poutine off of. 

Hey guys/girls I'm looking for someone who would let me eat a poutine off of them, preferably a female. let me know if youre interested. from r/ottawa

Yup. You read that correctly, not someone to eat poutine with, but off of. Basically it is a next level body-shot and it's Canadian AF. 

Food play, as it is often known, is not a new fetish/fascination for people and can have both sexual or non-sexual connotations. However in most cases it usually involves participants being aroused by food.

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Recently this has gotten some attention in mainstream media with people eating sushi off of other naked people or the previously mentioned method of consuming alcohol known as body-shots. But this particular twist on the fetish has us asking a lot of questions. 

For starters unlike sushi, poutine is a very messy food. How would one contain it on someone's body? Secondly it is also a very warm food, with hot greasy fries and gravy that is basically like lava. It's bad enough burning the roof of your mouth on some poutine, we can't imagine that on our skin. 

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Despite the post claiming that the user is serious in their quest, responses to the thread have been nothing but trolls quoting The Office, offering their hairy selves up for the task, and of course asking to share the poutine. 

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