The New Brunswick SPCA has launched an investigation after discovering multiple deceased pets early yesterday morning. After discovering three Great Danes and two cats on the side of the road, the SPCA is now asking for the public's help to figure out who's responsible for the horrific incident. The SPCA suspects that foul play was involved and is looking to locate the owner of these pets. 

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According to the New Brunswick's SPCA Animal Protection's Facebook page, the RCMP responded to an incident on the morning of April 1, 2019. When arriving on scene the RCMP and the SPCA APO's discovered three Great Danes and two cats that were dead on the side of Renaissance Extension Road in Memramcook, New Brunswick. 

The three dogs were wrapped and left in tarps, while the two cats were found nearby in garbage bags. 

All the animals appeared to be in poor condition before the time of their death. SPCA states that all three dogs had overgrown toenails. One of the Great Danes was missing half of her tail, while another had a large tumour. One of the cats also had a bad eye infection. 

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None of the animals appeared to have collars, tags or microchips which makes it difficult for the SPCA to be able to identify the owner of these pets. 

In an update earlier today, SPCA announced that all five animals were sent for post mortem examinations to determine their cause of death. The SPCA is now warning that foul play is suspected. 

The SPCA also states that they have some leads in the investigation, but are asking for the public's help by sharing any information that they may have towards the case. 

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In order to help identify who may be involved in the case, the SPCA has released descriptions of the five animals that were involved in the incident. Their descriptions are listed below:

  • Older male Great Dane with black fur. A white spot was present on his chest. 
  • Older female Great Dane with black fur and a grey face. She was missing half of her tail. 
  • Female Great Dane with fawn coloured fur. A very large tumour was visible on her left side. 
  • A black and white medium haired cat. 
  • A grey short-haired tabby cat. 

Anyone with information on this case is asked to contact the SPCA hotline at 1-877-722-1522. 

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