We all love Starbucks, but now we love them even more after Starbucks announced that they'll be launching their Starbucks FoodShare program in Canada in an effort to help provide up to 1.5 million meals annually to Canadians in need! Yes, Starbucks will bring rescue 100% of food available from their stores in an effort to stop wasting food and help those who need meals. 

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On Monday, February 4 Starbucks Canada announced that they would be bringing the FoodShare program to their company-owned stores across Canada. 

The program is already up and running in the United States. The program commits Starbucks stores to reduce waste by rescuing 100% of food available to donate to people in need.

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Not only will the program help reduce in-store food waste, but it will also help feed up to 1.5 million Canadians annually once it's at scale. 

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The program will launch in Ontario first in partnership with Second Harvest. Second Harvest is a no waste food rescue organization based in Ontario, so they're the perfect people to help launch this program on the east coast.

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Starbucks Canada has already begun working with Second Harvest in Ontario to develop strategies to deliver food safely that's available for donation from Starbucks stores.

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Their collective goal is to make other businesses aware that food waste solutions are in place in Ontario, so this could help boost other businesses to participate in initiatives. 

Starbucks Canada is also looking into implementing the FoodShare program in other cities and provinces in the years to come. Their goal is to be partnering with businesses in cities across Canada by 2021. 

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