Early this year, Doug Ford's government announced multiple changes that would be introduced to OSAP for the upcoming year. Among these changes were OSAP's shift to focusing directly on low-income families and getting rid of the six-month interest-free grace period. Since this announcement, students from around the province have been protesting. On March 20, Ontarians will continue to protest these OSAP changes by holding a province-wide walkout. 

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This Wednesday, March 20, students from 13 separate universities and colleges will ban together and walk out of their classes at noon. The main reason for this walkout is to call on the province to provide more grants for students who wish to attend post-secondary school. 

Hosted by the Canadian Federation of Students, the walkout is meant to show "the Ontario government that we will not tolerate their attacks on students,". The CFS announced through their Facebook event that out of the universities that are participating, the University of Toronto and York University will be among them. 

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The University of Toronto St. George Campus will start their walkout at Sid Smith at 10 AM where they will be handing out free brunch and banners before marching through campus at noon. 

With Doug Ford's government eliminating free tuition as well as a variety of other changes, many students are stressing that they may not be able to finish their education if the government doesn't reconsider. 

Since the announcement, many students have taken to social media to describe why they are walking out and how these OSAP changes will affect them.

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This isn't the first time that students throughout Ontario have joined together for this issue. On February 4, thousands of students from around the province joined together for a march for student rights. 

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A petition was also created to stop Doug Ford's cuts to OSAP. So far, it has gathered over 280,000 signatures. 

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