If you love sandwiches but don't like dropping tons of cash for one, you'll be happy to hear that you can now get the best of both worlds. Subway Canada has just released a new $4 sandwich and it looks absolutely delicious. 

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New $4 Mighty Melts have just launched at Subway restaurants across Canada. There are three different options for the sandwiches – you can choose from either a Chicken Mighty Melt, a Turkey Mighty Melt or a Roast Beef Mighty Melt. The sandwiches are all topped with vegetables, melted cheese and served on a toasted ciabatta bun.

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With their new Mighty Melts, Subway Canada hopes to introduce a sandwich that is both affordable and tasty. "Canadians don't have to compromise on quality and taste when it comes to purchasing a value item with the launch of the new $4 Mighty Melts at Subway Restaurants," wrote Subway in a news release. "The sandwich collection is big on taste". 

Via Screenshot | Subway Canada Website

Their new sandwiches honestly sound so good and we can't wait to get our hands on them. Check out more details on each item below, according to Subway's news release

  • Chicken Mighty Melt: "features a warm and toasty ciabatta topped with tender, lightly seasoned chicken strips, fresh veggies and cheese and finished with our mouth-watering garlic aioli"
  • Roast Beef Mighty Melt: "the ultimate value option! The warm and tasty sandwich on toasted ciabatta is made with our classic 100 per cent Canadian roast beef topped with fresh veggies and cheese and finished with a drizzle of garlic aioli"
  • Turkey Mighty Melt: "this savoury sandwich is made with 100 per cent Canadian turkey, fresh veggies, cheese, topped with our smoky honey mustard sauce and served warm on a toasted ciabatta bun"

Via Screenshot | Subway Canada Website

According to a poll by Ipsos, "Canadians are spending an average of $7.50 for a sandwich or main at quick-service restaurants", read the news release. This sandwich is almost half the price of the average one and it looks delicious to boot. 

You can now get the Mighty Melt sandwiches at participating Subway restaurants across Canada. So hurry over to your local Subway and try out their new $4 sandwich! 

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