Canada's discount airline Swoop just screwed up big time, for lack of a better term. They've just abruptly cancelled dozens of flights to the US as they wait for regulatory approval from the country. Because apparently, they didn't think that this crucial step in the process was necessary before booking hundreds of flights.

These trips were set to be Swoop's very first into the US, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen yet. Passengers had the news dropped on them out of nowhere and they're furious. Many have been forced to book new flights, costing them hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

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A man named Kyle Wood and his wife also spoke to Global News about their cancellation experience with Swoop. They were supposed to go to Tampa via Swoop tomorrow, October 20th. They purchased their pair of tickets for $700. Because of the cancellations, they were forced to book last minute tickets with another airline, which cost them over $2,000.

Every single flight up until October 27th had been cancelled. However, Swoop is continuing to sell tickets for the flights scheduled after.

Speaking to Global News, Swoop spokesperson Karen McIsaac had this to say about future flights, "We remain optimistic that we will receive the outstanding approval in short order with indicators showing it will arrive prior to October 27, at which time Swoop will resume its scheduled flights.”

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That's great and all, but it doesn't help the passengers who are left scrambling for alternate flights until then. While the airline is offering full refunds, that doesn't make up for getting totally screwed over.

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Source: Global News

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