The last thing you want to hear when you buy a new car is that there’s some kind of safety issue with it, but Tesla’s upcoming Model 3 sedan has just that issue. 

And it affects the part of the car you definitely need if you want to avoid getting into a serious collision. 

That would be the brakes.   

Via Tesla

Right now the brakes on the car are stopping too slowly according to U.S. magazine Consumer Reports who tested the car. 

It found that the Model 3 may be a sedan but takes longer to stop than a full-sized pickup truck right now.  

This will of course be an issue for anyone looking to cash in on the offer by the Ontario government to give people a $14,000 rebate for buying this car

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has responded to the issue on Twitter saying that an update will be added to the cars that should fix the issue in the coming days though.  

He also says that Tesla will not stop working until the Model 3 has a better breaking system, “than any remotely comparable car.”  

Neil Saunders, managing director of consumer research house GlobalData Retail says that people should be patient when it comes to letting Tesla get everything right. 

"It is important not to be too harsh on Tesla, as other vehicles have had their share of safety and technical issues,” he said.  

Via Tesla

He does admit though that this isn’t a good thing for the brand, “while the negative reports of braking issues will not deter Tesla brand enthusiasts, it might raise doubts among the more casual buyer," he said.   

This isn't the first issue for the Model 3 either, some reviewers have said it is super heavy and that the extra weight serves no real purpose. 

So while this may be fixed soon it's just another problem for Tesla to have to deal with.

Source: CBC

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