The Canadian census program is our nationwide survey that provides statistical data of the country and the people who live in it. It's conducted every five years and includes information on everything from age, sex, marital status to occupation and income from a variety of demographics.

Statistics Canada recently released their data from the 2016 Census which revealed some pretty interesting information. For example, Mandarin is the most common language spoken in Canada after English and French. Nunavut has the highest percentage of common law unions in the country, with it making up 50% of all unions in the territory. And there was a pretty big jump of couples living without children in 2016 when compared with the stats from 2011. 

However the most fascinating information of all was the stats on young adults, age 20- 34 living with their parents across Canadian Metropolitan Areas. The survey found that 34.7% of young Canadians across the nation still live at home with their parents. The 10 cities that show the highest stats for this are: 

Not so shocking, the cities with the lowest rates of young adults still living at home with their parents were: Calgary (28.5%), Edmonton (26.8%), and Quebec (23.8%). 

Source: Stats Canada 

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