It's been nearly 5 months since the G7 Summit in Quebec, but it seems as though Canadians are still paying for the costs of it even today. The latest cost that's been revealed comes in the form of the transportation used for the event, totalling a whopping $23 million dollars to cover the purchase of over 600 brand new cars for G7 guests to get around the city.

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According to the RCMP, 431 of the vehicles were bought for "motorcade purposes," and the other 200 were used for "administrative purposes," involving the G7 Summit that attracted leaders from across the globe including the United States, France, Germany and Japan.

As of right now, only 51 of the vehicles that were bought for the summit are being reused within the government. 

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Of the 600 cars, 154 of the "motorcade" fleet were Chevrolet Suburbans, 140 were Touring-model Chrysler 300s, 109 were Toyota Siennas and 23 Dodge Chargers. For "administrative" purposes, 88 Ford Escapes, 34 Mitsubishi Outlanders, 32 Nissan Rogues, 30 Dodge Journeys and 7 Ford Explorers were purchased.

While the purchases totalled upwards of $23 million, the government has only been able to recoup around $6.3 million after selling 167 vehicles. 

If you are questioning why the vehicles were bought rather than rented out in the first place, according to the RCMP, buying the vehicles outright was "the most affordable choice" in comparison to a lease.

Buying the vehicles also made it easier for the RCMP to transport, register and outfit the vehicles with the security equipment that was necessary before the Summit began. 

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As of right now, the rest of the cars are available on the GC surplus website for purchase. But considering how many cars there are to sell, it's definitely going to take a while for the government to get rid of every single vehicle. Especially considering that in the last two weeks of October, nearly 40 vehicles listed on the site currently have no bids from buyers.

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To make matters worse, considering the cars are going for significantly less than what they were bought for, even if the government was able to sell them all, taxpayers are still on the hook for millions.

For example, 2018 Chrysler 300s on the GC Surplus website are currently listed for $25,343 whereas they were bought for around $42,090 according to the current market price. 

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While it's bad news for taxpayers and the Government of Canada as they attempt to fire sale all these cars, it definitely is good news for anyone in the market for a discounted vehicle.

Considering hundreds of the cars have, in some cases, less than 40km on them, you may just snag a car that's basically brand new for half the price. Who knows, maybe it was the one used by Justin Trudeau! 

To check out the cars available on the GC Surplus store for yourself, you can click here

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