The Canadian Government Just Put Out A List Of Slang Words Used For Weed And It's So Cringey


It's no secret that one of the biggest topics these past few months in Canada has definitely been the process of legalizing marijuana. While Trudeau's initial date for legal weed has now been pushed back from July 1st, it seems the Canadian government is preparing early for legal marijuana use.

Earlier yesterday the Canadian government of health's official Twitter page pushed an article that outlined some general information about marijuana acting as a general "guide" about the substance. While there are answers to the general questions on what cannabis is and what forms of the drug exist, there was a page section in specific that was raising eyebrows across the country.

Via GovCanHealth

The government of Canada took it upon themselves to include a "slang terms for cannabis" section and while they covered typical words like "pot," and "bud," they included some more... cringey words coming from the mouth of a country's government health page to say the least with "errl," "purp," "keef," "dope," "herb."

They didn't stop there with other terms like "reefer," "doobie," "budder" and "gangster." Turns out tons of Canadians were pretty confused:

Via @JacobSerebin

Via @DougSaunders

While Canadians will still have to wait to get their "dank krippy" legally, at least we know the Canadian government seems to be all in on the legalization game! If you are curious as to what other info is covered in the guide, click here!

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