This weekend, a remarkable supermoon lit up the sky and made for some pretty unbelievable photos for those lucky enough to see it. 

Known as the "cold moon," the December supermoon reached its peak on Sunday night, when the full moon came closest to Earth in its elliptical orbit. 

NASA has called Sunday night's appearance the first in a "supermoon trilogy," that will take place over the next two months. The next supermoon is set to rise on New Year's - January 1st, followed by the third one on January 31st.

But if you didn't get a chance to see Sunday night's epic moon (or if you didn't even know it was happening until now), here are some photos snapped by skywatchers around the world that will have you feeling like you were there for the real thing. 

1. Wellington, New Zealand

via @theartofnight

2. Washington, U.S.

via @bbcnews

3. Istanbul, Turkey 

via @oneistanbul

4. Tampa, Florida

via @oldboone

Source: BBC

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