There's always some sort of drama when it comes to the Olympics. Though the drama surrounding men's hockey has been a long one that began well before the Winter Olympics kicked off in Pyeong Chang. All having to do with the lack of NHL players in this year's tournament. Regardless of your stance on the matter, all of Canada came together to cheer on the men's' hockey team with their semi-final game against Germany- but things aren't going too well right now.

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The first goal came from Germany late in the first before the period ended. Though it was the second period where things really heated up. The Germans scored two more goals in the second while Team Canada still struggled to get on the scoreboard. Though when they finally did thanks to Gilbert Brule on the power play, Germany came right back and scored a 4th.

As of right now, the score stands at 4-1 and rightly so people are a little worried. The Team Canada men's hockey team we've known for so long has always been such a safe bet.

Regardless, we've still got a period of hockey to play since the second just ended and if you have any doubt that Team Canada can pull out a win, take a look at this video they shot for the games. It's clear they know they've got a lot to prove:

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