Travelling has never been easier than it is now and as a result, Canadians are jet-setting everywhere. Considering how many people use Airbnb to book their accommodations, the booking site compiles a list of the top trending locations for the year. The ranking depends on how many people have searched, booked or added a destination to their wish list. 

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While it may seem that the best places in the world to visit are always outside of Canada, you may be surprised to find out that a Canadian city found itself on the trending locations list. None other than Winnipeg, Manitoba!

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It's easy to forget about Winnipeg when places such as Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto are such hot spots to travel to, but it's not hard to see why the destination is trending. From the gorgeous views to the possibility of seeing a polar bear, it's definitely the perfect place to visit if you're an adventure seeker! 

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If you want to know which other spots were featured on the list and create your own travel bucket list for yourself, take a look at the destinations trend level, ranked by the year-over-year (YOY) increase on Airbnb.

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1. Kaikoura New Zealand 

Yoy increase in bookings: 295% 

Yoy increase in searches: 210%

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2. Xiamen, China 

Yoy increase in bookings: 283%

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3. Puebla, Mexico 

Yoy increase in bookings: 240%

Yoy increase in searches: 206%

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4. Normandy, France 

Yoy increase in bookings: 229%

Yoy increase in searches: 120% 

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5. Great Smoky Mountains, US 

Yoy increase in bookings: 191% 

Yoy increase in searches: 190%

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6. Buenos Aires Province, Argentina 

Yoy increase in bookings: 188%

Yoy increase in searches: 176%

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7. Accra, Ghana

Yoy increase in bookings: 163%

Yoy increase in searches: 120%

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8. Mozambique 

Yoy increase in bookings: 156%

Yoy increase in searches: 160% 

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9. Outer Hebrides, Scotland 

Yoy increase in bookings: 147% 

Yoy increase in searches: 170%

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10. Wakayama Prefecture, Japan 

Yoy increase in bookings: 128% 

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11. Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley 

Yoy increase in bookings: 100% 

Yoy increase in searches: 130%

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12. Santa Catarina State, Brazil 

Yoy increase in bookings: 100%+ 

Yoy increase in searches: 140%

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13. Batumi, Georgia 

Yoy increase in searches: 200%

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14. Winnipeg, Canada 

Yoy increase in searches: 140% 

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15. Pondicherry, India 

Yoy increase in searches: 140% 

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16. Uzbekistan 

YoY increase in wishlist inclusion: 165% 

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17. Calabria, Italy 

YoY increase in wishlist inclusion: 100%+

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18. Andalucia, Spain 

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19. Taiwan 

YoY increase in wishlist inclusion: 100%+ 

Source: AirBnb

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