Earlier this week we brought you the story a Dairy Queen in Calgary that had been plagued with a mysterious bad smell since it opened in 2015.

The owner offered a free blizzard ice cream for a year to anyone who could come and identify the source of the smell.

Well, just a few short days later the whole thing has been solved. 

Via Google Maps

After the story exploded on social media this week owner Sujad Bandali received calls from across Canada and as far away as Egypt with advice on what to do.

They almost had to hire another full-time staff member just to keep up with the number of phone calls they got.

Gas company ATCO even came by to do a check to see if it was a gas leak but found nothing after running their standard test. 

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Then one of their technicians had an idea, turn off all the things in the restaurant that used gas and see if the gas meter was still running, which would indicate a small leak.

After doing that they found a very small gas leak in the ceiling of the restaurant.

In its purest form, natural gas is invisible, odourless and tasteless. Gas companies add a smell to it so you can detect it easier. 

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The leak has been fixed and the smell is now completely gone from the restaurant apparently.

We think whoever came up with the idea to turn everything off deserves that free blizzard a week for a year reward. 


Source: CBC

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