I could never bring myself to spend more than ten minutes watching any kind of game show. Sure, part of it was being too young to appreciate the fun behind it; the other part was that simply, I thought I could do way better than those people I saw on television. And while I've yet to take home prizes and cash like those individuals have, I'm confident that there are many others who share my sentiment. And now, we have a chance to prove it. 

Remember the old game shows of our youth? Jeopardy, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? How about the Price Is Right? Imagine hearing your name and being called to "Come on down!". Spinning a giant wheel and hoping to take home some insane prizes? Well now, you can!

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The Price Is Right is coming to several locations in Canada within the next few months. And you can be a contestant. The tour is coming to Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, with numerous shows in each stop! Prices vary by location, so be sure to check the specific venue you wish to visit. 

The best part? If you'd much rather play - and have zero interest in watching, there's no purchase necessary! You just need to register at the venue several hours before showtime! So with that, good luck, be sure to cheer loud, and I hope you're good at Plinko! 

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