With last night hosting one of the biggest sporting events of the year, you would assume all eyes would be on the Patriots and the Rams as they battle it out to determine football's champion for this season. Though if there is one thing that can draw away from the event, it's the big-budget commercials that air in between the plays. To Canada's surprise though, this year one of those commercials that took centre stage involved two very familiar Canadians. 

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It all began when the Property Brothers' latest commercial with ADT aired during the Super Bowl last night. The brothers have promoted the brand before in the countless spinoffs of their first show The Property Brothers. The commercial itself was quite simple with the brothers explaining ADT's surveillance services before simply walking out of the house together.

For many Canadians who have already witnessed The Property Brothers on their TV screens before, nobody was really phased apart from the surprise that the duo has continued to remain mega successes in the United States. After they were spotted at the 2017 American Music Awards, it seemed that would be the peak of their international fame. But clearly, we underestimated the power of Canadian twins with good hair. 

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Even when the commercial ended and the game started up again, it seemed that Americans just could not let go of the 'Property Brothers.' Resulting in these hilarious tweets about them during the game: 

Clearly, the 'Property Brothers' are continuing to take over the United States and at this point, they're starting to give Justin Trudeau a run for his money when it comes to the Canadian icon department.

Regardless, it's pretty comical that while Americans and the U.K have global claims to fame like Game of Thrones and The Bodyguard, Canadians have The Property Brothers

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