Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed their third child yesterday, a healthy baby boy who made his first public appearance just seven hours after he was born, swaddled and cozy in his mother's arms. 

Even though the proud parents have yet to announce his name, his estimated net worth has already been revealed, and it's probably way higher than what you'll ever see in your bank account. According to Forbes, the littlest royal is already worth $70 million. His family is worth a combined $88 billion. Pretty amazing, right?

As the third and youngest sibling, the baby is expected contribute less to the British economy than his older brother and sister. But, his net worth is expected to climb up to around the same as theirs. Princess Charlotte's net worth was at £3 billion in 2015, and Prince George's around  £2.4 billion. 

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The baby prince is already contributing to the sale of souvenirs and items that celebrate his birth. Not to mention baby clothes, toys, strollers -- pretty much every baby related product imaginable. Anything he touches, wears and receives as a gift from his loving family will become even more sought after by parents everywhere.

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One financial expert says that the baby's birth presents "a tremendous marketing opportunity for British producers and retailers of baby products who can reference the royal baby in their promotional campaigns." One day old and he's already a marketing mogul. #Goals.

For more details about the little one and his birth, check out this article.

Source: Marie Claire

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