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The Top Brands In Canada Just Got Released And Tim Horton's Ranking Is Downright Pathetic


When you think of Canada, you probably immediately think: poutine, lots of snow and Tim Hortons. Though it turns out that last assumption isn't as common as it once was. The annual survey by Ipsos that determines a country's most influential brands has released it's data for the 2017 year and it does not look good for Timmies.

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In general, it also doesn't look good for any Canadian brand considering the top ten influential brands in Canada are all American companies. Where Google takes 1st spot, companies like Facebook, Apple and Amazon follow- though we're surprised to see Netflix so far down the list:

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Though Tim Horton's is the only company to see such a dramatic fall. They went from their ninth place spot last year to a disappointing 16th place. It's no secret the company has been struggling with winning back Canadian's hearts after they soiled their family-oriented image when some locations cut employee's paid breaks and reduced their benefits  to make up for the new minimum wage.

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Consider those protests outside the locations, Kathleen Wynne throwing in a snide remark about the brand and all of the coffee competition in Canada now, the drop does make sense. Plus it's already been proven that Tim Hortons just isn't the typical Canadian's coffee of choice these days.

If you are wondering how Facebook is still so high up in the rankings, the study concluded before the Cambridge Analytica scandal hit the mainstream. So it's assumed they've probably fallen down a few spots since then. Though apart from Facebook and Tims, which brand are you most surprised to see on the list?

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