The deadline for university applications is quickly approaching in some places. That means that across the country thousands of students are trying to determine where they want to spend the next four-plus years of their lives.

A new list by Maclean's Magazine should help with that. They surveyed thousands of undergraduate students across Canada to determine which universities were actually the top party schools. They asked the students how many hours a week they spend partying and the answers are actually shocking.

The survey found that the average Canadian student parties about 3 hours a week, but some schools in Canada are doing a lot more. At St. Francis Xavier University, in Nova Scotia, it turns out students say they party on average 7.5 hours a week. That makes them the top party school in Canada. 

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While it may seem surprising that this small school is the most popular for parties, what's even more shocking is that Western University in London, Ontario - known for their party reputation - didn't even crack the top five. Check out the entire Top 10 party school list and see how your school stacks up.

  1. St Francis Xavier University - 7.5 hours/week

  2. Bishop University - 6.9 hours/week

  3. Queen's University - 5.9 hours/week

  4. Acadia University - 5 hours/week 

  5. Wilfred Laurier University - 4.3 hours/week

  6. McGill University - 4.2 hours/week 

  7. Western University - 3.9 hours/week

  8. Dalhousie University - 3.9 hours/week

  9. Nipissing University - 3.9 hours/week 

  10. Mount Allison University - 3.6 hours/week 

As for other popular schools, many landed much lower on the list. For instance, Brock University is in 20th with an average of 3.2 hours of partying per week. The University of Victoria isn't far behind at 23rd place, with 3 hours spent partying a week.

McMaster University is only in 35th place with an average of 2.5 hours/week. Meanwhile, in Toronto, U of T students said they only party about 2.1 hours/week putting them in 44th place. York University was just slightly further behind in 46th spot with only 2 hours of partying per week. 

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While there are a lot of east coast schools making the top of the list, it turns out not everyone in the Maritimes parties that much. The school that was the lowest on the party list is Universite de Moncton in New Brunswick.  Students there said they only party about 1.8 hours per week. 

To see the full list by Maclean's, click here.

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