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The Top University Global Ranking Just Came Out And Here Are The Canadian Programs That Made The List


We have always known as Canadians that we have some pretty amazing opportunities when it comes to education across the country. Though it seems there is finally a report that reflects how great our universities are that often get overshadowing by our neighbours across the border!

The report in question conducted by the Quacquarelli Symonds in the UK where they rated 500 universities on 48 different subjects. In turn showing how our Canadian university programs size up to the rest of the world's, and surprisingly (or not so surprisingly), we get some pretty great results! 

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Of course, University of Toronto was on there with their nursing program being the country's top performer. It was ranked the second best in the world by the U.K group behind the study! Beat out only by the University of Pennsylvania which is an Ivy League school. 

Though it wasn't just UofT that did well in the rankings, Canada actually earned fourth place when it came to the highest amount of programs ranked in the top 10 globally with 16 programs! We followed behind the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

While the University of Toronto accounts for eight of the programs, the others came from universities across the country. The University of British Columbia picked up three, McGill snagged two and Queens University, the University of Alberta and University of Guelph all grabbed one as well! 

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So it looks like apart from our free healthcare and polite manners, we've got something else to brag about- amazing education! If you want to see the programs in specific that earned top spot or are just curious how other countries placed, you can click here for the detailed rankings!

Source: Huff Post Canada

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