If you're Canadian, you without a doubt, watched the Women's Olympic Hockey Finals between Canada and the U.S. a few weeks ago. Do you remember the U.S. goalie, Maddie Rooney? You probably do, because she was the one that denied that very last goal in the shootout, sealing the U.S. gold medal win. Well, it looks like she's challenging Canada to another game, but more specifically one Canadian.

Maddie Rooney wants the chance to go up against another Canadian hockey player, but this time she wants to go against Canadian superstar, Justin Bieber. The U.S. women's gold medal team appeared on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday night, and that's when she proposed the challenge. 

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On the show, she revealed that last week, she actually tweeted at Justin Bieber about playing a quick game of stick and puck. In the original tweet she said, "Hey @justinbieber let me know if you ever need a goalie for your beer league games?? #yourworldismyworld #ifiwasyourgoalieidneverletyougo". 

Fallon asked if she had heard back from him yet, and with a sigh and disgruntled expression on her face, she responded with "No, I have not heard." But then she quickly put a smile on her face and told Fallon she had something to show him. She revealed under her jersey, that she was wearing a "Team Bieber" t-shirt. It's okay guys, she's a belieber

Via YouTube / Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

She said that she's a huge fan and would love to get noticed by Biebs, but above all, she wants to "stop his shot too". Fallon reiterated, "Wait, stop his shot, are you challenging him?" To which she replied, "Yeah!"

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Bieber recently played in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. We know that Bieber is Canadian, he loves sports and he plays hockey, so maybe he'll actually take on Rooney's challenge. We'll have to wait and see.

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